Careful, it is HOT! Spicy Snow Crabs.

There is almost nothing better than spicy garlic snow crabs.

I couldn't resist getting tons of them, I hope that you like these...Happy using your both hands...

Special $18.95 (was $24) 


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spicy snow crabs

Happy Mother's Day 2016 - PM's Rewards program

Happy Mother's Day 2016. Words are never enough to thank you for all that you do.

I have been working at this restaurant for many years. I want to thank you so much for love of PM's loyal customers since 2004. For a long time, I kept thinking a gift to all our dear customers. It is special for you. We are introducing a Rewards program with "Points" for your purchase or your referral. 

happy mother's day - Restaurant PM


Lobsters special 15% off one week only

Lobsters special 15% off one week only (2016.04.28-2016.05.05)
Two Lobsters for $38,95 (was $46)
Lobster with ginger and shallots, Salty and spicy, Garlic and butter
Restaurant PM - more than delicious 美食坊-不止是美食 
Montreal downtown free delivery, order now
Lobster with ginger...</p>

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Hou - Oysters means wealth, rich, good business

The Chinese New Year dinner is one of the most important meals of the year for those who celebrate the holiday. And one of the most important staples on the New Year dinner table is oysters.

The Chinese word for oysters is hou"Hou means wealth, rich, good business," said Yu, a seafood expert and supplier. "We believe that if we eat these during New Year's time we will have fortunes for the rest of the year."

Restaurant PM brings a Special deal with 4 big oysters steamed with Vermicelli in black bean sauce only $16.95 (original $20).


Never forget the taste of before! - "What should PM to make better?"

Never forget the taste of before! 2016 we will delivery our best-sell General Tao as never that fast and that fresh of before. How many minutes you want our food arrived at your door?

Write your opinion on "What should PM to make better?" to Win a Cash coupon.