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Spéciale d'Halloween / Halloween Special $29.95

2 Soupes Wonton, 2 Rouleaux de Printemps aux legumes, Poulet General avec Riz a la vapeur,  Pad Thai aux poulets/crevettese et deux breuvages (Pepsi)

2 Wonton soups, 2 Vegerarian spring rolls, General Tao Chicken, Steamed rice, Shrimp and chiken Pad Thai and 2 beverages (Pepsi)

Steamed Scallops with vermicelli in shell with garlic

Scallops on the half shell are hard to find, as far as I know. I have been searching high and low for them for quite some time now. Thank you for our great supplier Arctic Star Seafood.
We offer you really high quality half shell Scallop in this season. However, with a price you can not believe, only $18.95 with whole full pound. It worth more than $40! 
This is a Chinese-style steamed scallops recipe with vermicelli, garlic and spring onions. Only in restaurant PM, whole pound of Scallops on half shell SOLD $18.95. Can you believe?

蒜蓉粉丝蒸扇贝 大特价 整磅18.95 (外带19.95)
Steamed Scallops with vermicelli...

Free shipping promotion - Back to school

Welcome to back to school. 

We hope everyone had a great holiday. Now? Get ready and get set, go back 2 school?

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White Boiled Shrimp - Seasonal Special $16.95 (Original $25)

White Boiled Shrimp

White boiled shrimp – a classic Cantonese recipe where live shrimps are boiled and served with a soy dipping sauce. A very popular Chinese restaurant dish.

White Boiled Shrimp - Seasonal Special $16.95 (Original $25) Or Spicy Salt

Boiled shrimp

To many Chinese, one of the best ways to prepare live shrimp is to boil (白灼) as boiling retains the natural sweetness and freshness of the shrimp. All you need is a very simple soy dipping sauce and you are guaranteed to have a great meal.

Careful, it is HOT! Spicy Snow Crabs.

There is almost nothing better than spicy garlic snow crabs.

I couldn't resist getting tons of them, I hope that you like these...Happy using your both hands...

Special $18.95 (was $24) 


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spicy snow crabs